Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Enter the phoenix

Georgie Hung is handsome, stylish, and charming, but he hides a secret that his old fashioned father, Hung (who is a triad leader), can never forgive: he has been sent to Thailand since he was a child and never returned. After Hung's death, his right-hand Cheung intends to bring back Georgie to take over. However, Cheung finds Sam , Georgie's flat-mate, whom he mistakes for Georgie. Because of this mistaken identity, Sam becomes a triad leader and Georgie becomes his right-hand. On their return, their rival, Chow , learns Georgie's secret and reveals it to the rest of the triad, hoping to become Godfather himself... 

Eternal Summer

Three high school students experience the perks and pitfalls of love in director Leste Chen's sensitive tale of friendship and yearning.

As a child living in a seaside town in southern Taiwan, studious Jonathan was asked by his concerned teacher to look after rebellious classmate Shane. Ten years later, what was once a good-natured obligation has since blossomed into a warm friendship, with Jonathan still on the academic track and Shane now finding his calling on the basketball court.

North Sea Texas

An engaging, if placid, debut from acclaimed shorts director Bavo Defurne. Pim (Jelle Florizoone) is a 15-year-old boy living in a dull Belgian coastal town with his fading beauty queen mum. He's in love with Gino (Mathias Vergels) – the dashing older boy next door. Gino's a little in love with Pim, too, but wants to keep their relationship a secret, especially from his younger sister, who's dappy over Pim. Defurne makes a point of shunning social realism and presents lonely, horny Pim's story through a fog of polished-to-a-glow stylishness. North Sea Texas looks beautiful, is acted brilliantly, but it's hard to get a hold on when Pim's drifting by in a dream world.

Princess Princess Drama

In all-boys school with a tradition of Princesses (boys chosen to attend school functions dressed up as girls to alleviate the tension between the students), Yutaka Mikoto, Shihoudani Yuujirou and Kouno Tooru are this year's chosen Princess team. Dissatisfied with the half-hearted efforts of the current Princesses, Hanazono Otoya creates his own team of Dark Princesses to rival for the students' attention.

Go! Go! G-Boys

Hong and Shin have had a special friendship since childhood. As adults they have drifted only in that Hong holds a menial job and likes girls while Shin is a rock star and likes boys. Hong has now discovered that his self absorbed girlfriend has run up a hefty amount of debt on his credit cards and all the world is after him. In order to raise the money to pay everyone off he enters the G-Boys Beauty Contest. Of course the only problem is that all the entrants have to be gay.

Ai no Kotodama - Words of devotion

Based on Konno Keiko's popular yaoi manga series, Ai no Kotodama, a.k.a. Words of Devotion, is a sensitive bishonen romance that avoids the cliches of the genre with a touching and realistic story. Directed by Kaneda Takashi, the film stars Tokuyama Hidenori from Kamen Rider Kabuto and Saito Yasuka from GoGo Sentai Boukenger and Prince of Tennis Musical.

Antique Bakery

Synopsis -:

Tachibana is the son of a wealthy family, though that doesn't necessarily mean he does well in life. In fact, he fails at every relationship for "trying too hard." Perhaps it was due to a kidnapping he experienced as a child, which left him traumatized and with a sickly aversion to sweets (he vomits whenever he eats pastries). This makes perfect sense when he decides to open up a cake shop, which he says is to attract female customers. Of course, he then goes on to hire a gay patissier (Ono) who fears women and therefore crushing his dream of hiring beautiful lady employees and he is stuck with hiring only men, all of whom unfailingly falls for Ono whether gay or straight, creating lots of problem for him and his shop due to their jealous infighting.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Fashion's Fight Club

Laura Egan’s Apollo Rising is fashion’s response to Fight Club starring the industry’s biggest names. Lots of ripped bodies and gorgeous male models. The black and white short film for models.com depicts an underworld where male models engage in underground bare-knuckle fights with other male models. The story? What story?

Laura Egan's evocative dreamscape, Apollo Rising is filled with the kind of imagery that pushes boundaries. Inspired by Jack Dempsey, the gentleman fighter of the Prohibition era, the film explores the dual nature within us all. Darkness and light, good vs. evil, the full scope of epic drama shot in a dreamy style that shifts between gritty reality and ethereal fantasy. Experience it for yourself - only in MDX.

Acoustic performance of Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" is one of the biggest break out songs of the year. It is a shamelessly good pop song and the ultimate guilty pleasure. I find it impossible not to hum and tap along to it whenever I hear it. Check out this acoustic performance of the song that Jepsen did recently with two of her band mates for the folks at Myish. Jepsen's gentle vocal really stood out.

It doesn't get better for homophobes!!!

Laugh. Out. Loud. This video is seriously funny. How can it not be funny when the "F" word gets dropped 50 times in a little less than 2 minutes. Haha nothing will ruffle more feathers than an in your face video. I guess it really does not get any better for homophobes!!!  Nice FCKH8. Keep up the bombardment.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Love you like a big schlong - William Belli

William may have been unceremoniously cut from 'Ru Paul's Drag Race' Season 4; but that hasn't stopped the former front-runner from pimping his drag persona by recording 'Love You Like A Big Schlong' which is a take on Selena Gomez's 'Love You Like A Love Song'. That song was one of the best pop single of last year and I must say William didn't do too bad in reworking it. She successfully turned Gomez song into a hilarious dirty parody and the lyrics are very funny. Check it out.....

Aquaplay promo video

Dont know what this video is for. Probably a promo for something or some event. I came across it whilst I was surfing. Have no idea how but I landed on a brazilian website. Don't read portuguese you see but this is what I gathered thru google translation. It could be for an event called Aquaplay. Video is produced by G Magazine, one of Brazil's hottest male magazines that show men in their full glory. So no surprise if any of the guys in the video has done a full monty for the magazine. Anyway, It's a very sexy commecial. And the guys are hot. Enough said. Enjoy!!!

THE Charlie's Angels does Loose Woman

I LOVE THIS!!! What do you get when trannies spoof Madonna, Lady Gaga and Cher? Watch to find out. Absolutely hilarious!!!

Anyone up for some naked yoga?

Are you stressed out and horny all at the same time? Why not give Naked Power Yoga a try? Naked Power Yoga is a fifty-minute Yoga DVD and judging from the above trailer, it’s all about muscular dudes and horrid dance music. I’m not sure from the trailer what exactly two naked men making out has to do with yoga, but hey I’m not complaining. Hmm I wonder, what happens if I get an erection whilst doing yoga..... am I not suppose to be relaxing instead of getting myself all hotted up..... 

Orangina - Who's boss? Campaign

Orangina, the carbonated citrus drink whose advertisements have featured anthropomorphic animals since 2007, has released two new commercials. Created by Fred & Farid, the commercials are for "Miss O", the sugar-free version of Orangina. In these two commercials, two femme fatales in wolves' clothing dump and let down the men who love them just so they can go play, sniff after other men and continue their personal quest for self gratification. 

Nope don't find them funny or make me wanna grab an Orangina drink. Maybe I am not their target market. But c'mon, it's alright to portray strong woman who know what they want but to liken them to a hyena and a wolf is a little bit too much isn't it? Maybe the french might see the humour in it but I certainly don't. 

Sam Tsui does a 'Britney'

Sam Tsui tackles a mashup of the Princess of Pop's biggest hit. This guy is amazing!!! Why doesn't he have a record deal already??? He should really. He is brilliant plus cute....... what else can you ask for in an artist......